Northern Sport Fishing

Custom Manufactured Fly Lines

Conventional Fly Line

Conventional fly lines are used with traditional single-handed rods. Northern Sport's conventional fly lines include Standard and Premium Floating Lines, Sink Tip Lines, Sinking Lines and Level Line for Combo Kits. The lines are available in both solid and two-piece spools or can be coiled with a size label to be packaged.

Northern Sport conventional fly lines are used by rod and reel manufacturers around the world for combo kits. We can ship in bulk for your company to assemble and package the order, or we can work to your private labeling specifications.

These lines are available in the following formats (see gallery below):

  • clear 2 part plastic spool - round
  • opaque 2 part plastic spool - octagonal
  • coiled in a poly bag with a size label
  • coiled in bulk with a size label